HPGL VS ESP  - Year One Cost Comparison

Is HPGL right for your operation?  Walk through the Estis HPGL Evaluator, and explore the economic analysis of ESPs and high-pressure gas lift to see for yourself how HPGL can make your unique application more profitable.

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Our commitment to sustainability

At Estis Compression Solutions (Estis), we’re proud of the work we do – helping operators bring energy to market, empower our nation and fuel the products we need to maintain America’s safety and standard of living. But we also realize that energy-related companies have a special responsibility to help steward the nation’s people, places and principles as a whole. That’s why we are engineered for sustainability.


We think tomorrow’s energy industry has the potential to do more than ever to improve the everyday quality of life for every single person on the planet. So our ESG mission is to put constant pressure on ourselves to find new and better ways to make this a reality.


Our company and its people are as committed to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance as to helping customers enhance production. And the proof is in the actions we take every day – things like pushing hard to lower Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, keeping people safe without fail, promoting a diverse and fair workplace, supporting local communities and more.