High Pressure
Gas Lift

More Confidence. Less Cost.

High-Pressure Gas Lift (HPGL) is an artificial lift methodology that replaces failure-prone downhole ESPs with special surface compression equipment. High-pressure line gas is injected down the tubing and deep into the well, producing up the annulus. This means that 100 percent of the lift system is on the surface.

  • Delivering the same or better production volumes but with much lower maintenance costs, since there are no downhole ESPs to fail (ESP failures can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, depending on the region)
  • Improving uptime and overall cost of ownership, since both Non-Productive Time (NPT) and maintenance costs are both reduced
  • Running on line gas, so the gas lift system is not tethered to the need for a nearby power grid—perfect for remote wells
  • Navigating deviated holes, doglegs, sandy formations and other situations more effectively for better management of bottom-hole pressure as a whole