20’L x 9’ W x 10' H
Control system:
          Murphy eics


  • High discharge pressure/no need for gas lift valves
  • Single-stage operation leading to increased flow rate at lower pressures
  • World-class component OEMs for reliability and confidence in the field
  • Trailer-mounted version available

Package features:

  • Scrubbers ASME coded with 1/16" corrosion allowance
  • Piping adheres to ASME B31.3
  • API 5th Edition DA2 pulsation and vibration analysis performed for smooth operation
  • Murphy Centurion Panel
  • Rugged four-runner I-beam skid with environmental containment designed to be set on a prepared earth pad
  • Coalescing type fuel gas filter installed for maximum engine protection
  • Inlet spool piece with basket strainer
  • Suction-based speed control
  • Automatic cooler louvers to help maintain proper discharge temperature
  • Scrubber heat tracing virtually eliminates frozen dump valves
  • Insulated scrubbers
  • Shell and tube fuel line heater
  • Oil day tank included for simpler unit mobilization


High-Pressure Gas Lift (HPGL) delivers strong artificial lift performance without the need for well intervention.  But is it really as effective as an ESP?  We partnered with 111-year-old operating company SM Energy to find out.

ENGINE: Caterpillar 3306BNA

  • Dependable industry standard G3300 platform backed by Caterpillar's global dealer network
  • Engine Integrated Control System (EICS®)
  • 145 BHP @ 1800 RPM
  • 1.0 NOx, 2.0g CO standard emissions setting
  • Onboard alternator for reliable 24V power
  • Electric starter (24V) for reliable starting independent of gas supply
  • Operator interface included for setup and service without a laptop
  • Pressure-based automatic speed control

Compressor: ariel jgq/2

  • World Standard Compressor backed by Ariel service and support network
  • Available 72-month warranty
1st Stage Cylinder 2.75” SG-CE 3000 psig
2nd Stage Cylinder 1.625" SG-FS-HE 6100 psig

COOLER: Inducted Draft, Vertical Discharge

  • Right-sized gas cooling sections maintain discharge temperatures, eliminating hydrate formation
  • Final discharge temperature: 250 degrees fahrenheit

hpgl vs esp
Year One cost evaluation

Is HPGL right for your operation? Walk through the Estis HPGL Evaluator, and explore the economic analysis of ESPs and High-Pressure Gas Lift.


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