Conventional Gas Lift

Lower downhole pressure reliably and economically. In conventional gas lift, natural gas is injected into the well. Releasing from the casing annulus to the produced fluids in the wellbore, this gas drastically reduces fluid density, increasing production. This small-horsepower compression application can radically transform the economic potential of both upstream production and centralized gas gathering operations.
We bring better economics to gas lift, with reliable and adaptable equipment that delivers results the easy way. All backed by specialists with extensive application engineering expertise. From helping find the perfect compressor package to working with you to develop new systems that optimize performance and efficiency, our reliable, innovative experts are here to help.
Estis handles the entire lifecycle of your gas lift system, from initial specification of hardware to everyday ongoing maintenance and repair that keeps you up and running. And we can even install and maintain intelligent, real-time field monitoring systems that keep you in total control.
All with 24/7 support—so we’ll be there whenever you need us.