Cyclic Gas Injection

Improve oil recovery in both new and mature wells. Primary oil production techniques applied to unconventional shales rarely recover more than 10 percent of the original oil in place (OOIP). Cyclic Gas Injection (CGI), or “Huff and Puff,” is a form of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) that alternately injects gas into, and produces oil from, a single well in order to increase OOIP recovery rates dramatically.
In the initial “huff” phase separator, gas is injected into the formation at pressures high enough for the gas to enter into solution with the oil. This, in turn, reduces oil viscosity while pressuring up the formation. A “soaking” period following the “huff” phase can improve this response. The “puff” phase then proceeds with production of the oil that has been pressurized and made less viscous.
Our boosters are primarily used to attain the high discharge pressures required during the “huff” phase. However, they are also used to improve flow rate during the “puff” phase as well, in a manner similar to the HPGL application. The net result is higher oil recovery on a well-by-well basis