Celebrating 20 Years of Estis Compression

Estis Compression celebrates twenty years as a leader in the artificial lift market.

Narrator One (Chad Roberts, CEO):

[0:09] - 20 years at Estis has really been about Innovation and customer service coming together to form the cultural foundation of the business for us. We are second to no one when it comes to field service and customer service across the organization and 20 years has gotten us to where we are today. 

[0:29] - We believe in integrity, we believe in honesty, and providing an incredible package to our clients. Estis Compression is the best in the industry in quality.  
Narrator Three (John Gatlin, President):
[0:43] - In 20 years I think Estis will be known as the company it is today – expert, reliable, and innovative.  
[0:54] - As I looked at where my next role would be, I saw a company that was a family company,  a company committed to quality, a company that had great customers, and great customer confidence.
[1:10] - To me the culture, it makes-up, and tells the story of who we are; we are that family.  It's more than a team because we have such passion behind what we do and we're locking arms everyday to make it across those finish lines and over those hurdles. So it's just a joy to get to come to work and have tons of fun, while you’re doing good hard work. 
[1:32] - We’re family first and the other thing about it is, we're all committed to the same movement.  We’re all pulling on the same rope, and that’s what drives it. 
[1:46] - It starts first with people, with work ethic, and with meeting the needs of our customers.  That’s what we’re here for and that’s what we do.  And, we do it well.  
[2:01] - The past 20 years a lot of things have changed for sure.  One of the main things has just been the technology of the packages and what we’re able to do. The majority of our innovation has been organic - it's grown in house.
[2:19] - Estis has always been an innovator and at the forefront of the industry and we're going to stay there. We’re already pushing towards net zero emissions on units - finding ways to be able to augment the packages that we have that are already gas driven to be able to reduce the emissions there even more. So it's a focus that is consumed by all of our efforts. 
[2:44] - The next 20 years is pretty exciting to think about, pretty daunting.  Our leadership on electric and delivering the quality and service with electric compression - it's going to only grow and grow dramatically. 
[2:57] - It’s very important to Estis that we’re moving that direction – we're building that equipment and putting it in our fleet.  And I think it's going to become a much, much bigger part of our fleet and the industry as a whole going forward. 
[3:34] - Here at Estis what truly separates us from our competition are our employees.  It's the people who come through that door, they take the opportunity to take a chance to drive that business forward. Because, we don't always know the answers, we don't always have that direction lined out, and know what the next step is. But, we sure do have the right people in the right places and the right goals to do that for us.  So I want to give a big thanks to everyone who's ever worked at Estis compression or McClung Energy Services.  I want to give a big thanks to everyone who is here currently right now, ushering in the future, and I'm extremely excited to watch us grow over the next 20 years.  To see where you take this company.  So from everyone here at Estis – thank you. 

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