Join Us at SWPSC 2024!

swpsc_ecThe Southwestern Petroleum Short Course Association, Inc., (SWPSC) is a non-profit education organization blending the talents of the Texas Tech University petroleum engineering faculty and petroleum production experts from all over. The purpose of the SWPSC is to disseminate advance technology with emphasis on  application and solving engineering problems through its annual conferences and workshops.

2024 Southwestern Petroleum SHort Course

Conference Dates:  - 
Location: Lubbock Memorial Civic Center - Lubbock, TX

Estis is excited to be exhibiting at the show and to have two papers chosen for presentation at SWPSC, and to make sure everyone has the opportunity to experience those presentations we'll be making videos of those presentations available here shortly following the show.  For a preview of the presenters and their presentations please see below.

Reducing Hydrocarbon Emissions in gas lift operations


Will Nelle, Estis Compression



Gas lift, a well-established and versatile method of artificial lift, is widely employed in the oil and gas production sector. Compressors play a crucial role in the gas lift process and are extensively used throughout the industry. However, the traditional design of these compressors has allowed the release of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere for many years. Growing concerns about the environmental consequences of such emissions have led to heightened scrutiny from both the public and environmental regulators.

Consequently, oil and gas operators are actively seeking ways to reduce hydrocarbon emissions resulting from the compressors essential to the gas lift process. Groundbreaking and patent pending systems have been developed to address this challenge by eliminating hydrocarbon emissions from compressors. In this disclosure, we explore the perspective of operators who have adopted these systems and delve into how they are effectively reducing the environmental impact of their gas lift operations.

How/Why High-Pressure Gas Lift ("Single point gas lift") adoption/uses continue to grow


Larry Harms, Optimization Harmsway, LLC
James Hudson, Ryan Reynolds, 
Steve Schwin, and Will Nelle, Estis Compression



In less than nine years, High-Pressure Gas Lift ("Single Point Gas Lift") has grown from 0 to over 3000 applications in unconventional wells and its use continues to expand with trailer mounted units to unload frac hits and applications later in the well life.

This paper presents examples of these expanding applications including case histories on unloading frac hits and shows how/why this very simple "new" technology grew from one person's idea to wide spread / expanding adoption in a relatively short time.

Operating tips for increased effectiveness and potential applications in the future are also shared.