How our high-pressure gas lifts inspired our creative staff with 3D printing

The Wolf ™ High-Pressure Gas Lift system developed by Estis Compression has taken the gas lift industry by storm with unique features such as no down-hole components and its high production capacity. With this innovative equipment, our partners consistently lower their lease operating expenses, meet aggressive production goals all while operating in diverse environments with sandy formations, highly deviated wellbores, increased GOR wells, and high IP. With options to run off of well-head gas or an electric drive motor The Wolf provides flexibility for operators.


With one of the highest safety ratings today, The Wolf has a 0% injury report as of writing since its initial launch in 2017. Our commitment to mechanical availability and consistent deliverability over the last 20 years inspires our staff to get creative and take pride in communicating about our stable of ruggedly reliable products such as HPGL.


Its that level of pride in manufacturing that led to the development of our new 3D-printed model of The Wolf High-Pressure Gas Lift system by Bill Boozier. Let's dive into this creative project, the developmental process, his inspiration, and more.the-wolf-3d-model


The Man Behind The 3-D Model

Bill Boozier has worked with McClung Energy Services for 3.5 years as a Buyer/Planner and Purchaser. He currently specializes in the Supply chain via purchasing and buying process. As a result, he works closely with our equipment and suppliers that empower our production team to build equipment like The Wolf. 

Bill spends ample time with manufacturing and management learning about our equipment in detail and the magnitude to which it amplifies efficiency for our customers.


Bill Boozier – Buyer/Planner & Purchaser - & creator of The Wolf 3D Model

When asked what inspired the project, Bill shares I saw a miniature model in a co-workers office that demonstrated a magnetic coupling. Simple in design, its purpose was to showcase how an engine drives and powers a compressor. I was inspired to begin brainstorming how to make something more complex to model after one of our top pieces of equipment. My goal was to do something more to scale so that the details and all the components were visible and accurately placed within the 3D model”.

The 3D Model Begins to Take Shape

Once he had a clear vision, Bill began working with management for agreeable terms on the final product – how it would display, and what they could expect creatively. Once approved, Bill fired up his Prusa I3 Mk3 to begin the printing process with PLA plastic. As the components were completed, everything was sanded for a smooth finish, spray painted, and assembled.

Heres a breakdown of what that creative process looked like for Bill:





Due to its intricacies and Bill’s attention to detail, this 3D model took 3 years to finish. With Bill working on it piece by piece throughout the weekends, he better recreated The Wolf’s final look more realistically.

Once completed, Bill highlights his favorite part of the process sharing how “Seeing the result was priceless, especially when I decided to add a faux tree. I felt that the tree was a nice finish, symbolic of our bright future. Also, seeing everyone else’s reaction to the finished model made the experience worthwhile.”





In closing, Bill also dove more into what he believes this 3D model and The Wolf High-Pressure Gas Lift system (3306NA-JGQ/2) represents, he expressed that “High-Pressure Gas Lifts were a way forward and pointed towards more efficient future in gas compression. The Wolf provides a more long-term solution for our clients with diverse needs. Through this equipment, we can optimize operating wells , minimizing the need to establish new rigs. As a bonus, The Wolf reduces rig downtime due to mechanical errors below the surface, which drives record number profits for our customers and efficiency for our field technicians.


This 3D model is closely reflective of our Wolf High-Pressure Gas Lift (3306NA-JGQ/2), compare them for yourself, so that you can better understand the commitment Bill held to this project.


When youre ready to learn more about the Wolf High-Pressure Gas Lift system (3306NA-JGQ/2), please submit an inquiry here or contact us for details on how we can best serve your needs and help you optimize for efficiency and boost productivity.