Bring more teeth to the wellsite with the Wolf and the Grizzly

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 9.15.43 AMThe energy industry is constantly looking for ways to improve productivity and maximize output. To keep moving forward, it’s time to take a more holistic view of the production process – it’s not just the artificial lift that matters, but how does it fit into an overall well site? Does it generate higher production values? Can it reduce downtime? And can this all be accomplished in a cost-efficient manner?

Forward-Thinking Equipment Design

New ideas come in all shapes and sizes – from innovative technology to new approaches, not by being bound to the past. To stay at the forefront of energy production, it’s important to continually look ahead to meet customer demands. This way, we’re able to ensure that Estis solutions are on the leading (not bleeding) edge of technology.

And we’re addressing environmental concerns by developing technologies to improve sustainability. This move aligns with the industry’s growing demand to reduce carbon footprint.

That’s why Estis offers multiple options for the most efficient way to improve productivity at your wellsite:

  • The Wolf High-Pressure Gas Lift unit – the industry standard for high production artificial lift services.
  • The e-Wolf High-Pressure Gas Lift unit – the power and efficiency of the Wolf, now with a powerful electric motor.
  • The Grizzly High-Pressure Gas Lift unit – delivers independent multi-well injection from a single skid.
  • Coming soon, the e-Grizzly High-Pressure Gas Lift unit will allow an increase in productivity and a focus on sustainability with a reduced carbon footprint.

Into the bear’s den

Let’s take a closer look at the Grizzly.

Building on the proven success of the innovative Wolf, the Grizzly takes things up a notch and adds an extra bite.

Utilizing a unique, patented single driveshaft design, the two compression cylinders share one drive, saving operating costs and enhancing sustainability. With two compressor cylinders on one skid, the Grizzly allows operators to serve multiple wells with a single unit.

Screenshot 2023-12-13 at 8.36.20 AM

The Grizzly offers the flexibility to operate each compressor independently, providing operators with more finely-tuned control over production processes. It’s an attractive, leading-edge technology solution that delivers more production and more efficiency.

And the e-Grizzly – next on the horizon – will bring the same benefits powered by a powerful electric motor to help you meet your sustainability goals.

A Focus on Service Quality

Estis places significant emphasis on service quality - guaranteeing over 98% mechanical availability. This commitment to customer satisfaction is why we provide comprehensive training to operators and field personnel. The goal is to ensure that customers understand and operate the units effectively, reducing the likelihood of errors and maximizing uptime.

Thinking Beyond the Skid: A Holistic Approach

Compressors significantly influence customers’ equipment and production far beyond the wellhead. Anticipating and understanding this, the Estis team works to ensure seamless integration with producer’s systems, for all-around improved efficiency and productivity.

Long before any equipment is delivered, the team initiates discussions with customers, overlaying site layout drawings with their skid designs. This proactive approach addresses potential issues beforehand, streamlines the process, reduces downtime, with the goal of maximizing efficient production.

And that’s just one example of how new technologies can bring productivity through fresh approaches to a tradition-bound business, a distinct point of view on artificial lift, and an understanding of how it fits into a total operation.

It’s a Whole New Ball Game

High-Pressure Gas Lift (HPGL) has emerged as a game-changer in the energy industry, revolutionizing artificial lift methods and enhancing productivity. With over 2400 wells across the Permian, Bakken, Appalachian and the Midcon it’s a field-proven technology that works in challenging conditions that ESPs often find difficult.

Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 12.14.11 PM

One of the biggest problems we see operators facing is production deferment, often from mechanical problems – every barrel you can’t produce today has less value tomorrow. A mere 1% reduction in mechanical availability can mean as much as $22,500 in lost revenue* in a single month.

The Wolf can produce up to 5,500 PSI to give operators the ability to inject gas at high pressure and lower their injection point deeper into the well bore, to start producing at optimal volume almost immediately. The Grizzly’s innovative, patented multi-well design brings additional horsepower to the wellsite, delivering nearly twice the flowrate of the Wolf, across multiple wells – with the same mechanical availability.

Through innovative thinking, holistic approach, and focus on customer service, Estis is fast becoming a household name in the oil industry, offering cost-effective and efficient solutions to increase oil well productivity.

With the continued development of cutting-edge technologies and a commitment to sustainability, the time is now for the industry to move forward and address the ever-changing needs of producers. As the demand for sustainable and productive oil extraction methods rises, we’re ready to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the sector.

Want to learn even more about how high-pressure gas lift can increase productivity while lowering costs in your operation? Watch this SPE Tech Talk featuring Will Nelle, Director of Technology & Innovation with Estis.

*@$75/BBL and producing 1,000 BOPD over 30 days