It’s summer 2022 and residents in all 50 states are paying historic prices at the pump. Energy producers want to increase oil production but are hampered by production challenges and new, stricter environmental rules. 



In today's turbulent environment the constant tug between increasing production and lowering costs has everyone's attention. Energy producers know that maximizing production efficiency allows for reduction of extraction costs and helps to keep companies competitive. Operators focused on the bottom line know reliability is key when it comes to efficient, cost-effective energy production.

This is where Estis Compression comes in. We are the pioneering creators of The Wolf - a single-point High-Pressure Gas Lift (HPGL) system that increases artificial lift production volumes, providing to our clients an outstanding value proposition that is driven by our exceptional customer service and delivery.

Estis Compression understands that great technology that can’t perform neutralizes the very efficiencies that the technology was designed to create. Estis is committed to providing innovative technology that boosts efficiency and performance while at the same time supporting their technical solutions with exceptional service.


Unconventional Solutions for Unconventional Wells



Oil and Gas producers are focused on lifting costs, production volumes, uptimes, asset maintenance, and HSE & ESG performance.

Estis compression units are designed to increase production output and support continuous operations. Compared to electric submersible pumps (ESPs), our units have superior low-volume lift capabilities and, with our Wolf HPGL system, aren’t reliant on failure-prone gas lift valves. With unconventional oil dominating U.S. oil output now and into the future, the energy sector can only benefit from the exceptional value HPGL brings to onshore artificial lift production.



Other service providers often promise 98% compression unit mechanical availability but fail to provide the services to support and deliver on their promise. By contrast, Estis Compression leverages top-notch talent to offer clients unsurpassed customer service and personal commitment that drives our compression unit mechanical availability above and beyond our 98% guarantee.

How do we achieve this? To start, our technicians undergo regular, comprehensive training to keep your units running at peak capacity. They also work with our Technology and Sales teams to understand your goals and challenges so they can supply actionable solutions. In the field, their observations help inform our ongoing in-house efforts to make leading-edge design enhancements that boost unit performance. 

Our technicians are empowered with a company culture that values everyone’s voice no matter their title or experience. We retain top talent with our Mentoring Program and employee incentives. Our technicians take pride in their compressor performance and are motivated to help you succeed.

Want to upskill your field operations team? We hold one- or two-day onsite training courses – at no charge - for our customers to get them comfortable running their Estis units. This elevated level of support is yet another example of what differentiates us from other service providers.

We are constantly asking what we can do to deliver dynamic solutions that make a greater impact. Our goal is to demonstrate that the energy industry can be both profitable and considerate. At Estis, our focus on customer service is driven by passion, integrity, accountability and commitment — and this has been the basis of our success for over 20 years.



The estis difference

 Big data is king.


According to industry research, it can increase operating margins by 60%. Insights from big data can drive predictive maintenance, operational efficiency, and quality assurance.

Estis provides remote monitoring for our compression units. The remote monitoring system sends out alerts when a unit experiences downtime for any reason. 

The alerts are sent to all Estis field service technicians, supervisors, and specified customer field operations personnel. If the downtime appears due to a mechanical issue, our expert field service tech will be notified to address the issue and get the unit back into operating mode. We have a relentless pursuit of mechanical availability and use our captured data to help identify and eliminate recurring issues.

Whether we are providing conventional compression or our innovative Wolf HPGL system, we don’t leave after implementing the solutions — we continually focus on improving your bottom line with our culture of continuous improvement, adaptability, and agility. If you’d like to experience the Estis difference in customer service & delivery for yourself, contact us today. You can also use the Evaluator tool below to see how Estis Compression can benefit your energy operation.


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